Morse code Interpreter

We finally finished the embedded systems mini project, thank to Allah and  the team(Ali Al Lawati, Hamza Al Abri, and Sulaiman Al Habsi) work. The project is about design and implement a device that can hear a Morse code through a microphone and translate the to text. the text will be displayed on a 2×16 LCD screen, so the device can only translate 32 character [aA-zZ 0-9] at a time .We use an op-amp to amplify the sound signal, couple of capacitor  to filter out the some nasty frequencies and an ATMega8 as processing unit. The processing algorithm will be described later on, and it will be available as will as the source code of the project after presenting the project to the instructors.The device work perfectly with sound signal with frequency span of [1.2KHz – 1.5Khz],but it can be modified to work with and reasonable rang . A signal generated from this link is Ideal.

You can get the report with description and some of the code from REport

Here is a video show how the device work .

also here is some PCB layout we have designed for the project.