Self Driving Car Competition





[IEEE SQU Student Section ] is making a self driving car competition.  The idea is to make a robot car that travels around  closed trace. The closed trace will contain some obstacles. One of the obstacles is that the car should clime up an incline. An other obstacle is that the trace has a sharp turns , witch the car should pass successfully. Their will be a fixed cars on the close trace and competing car should bypass them and go pack to it is right side. The last obstacle is a speed breaker and the car should slow down as it gets closer to it. The evaluation points are , how fast the car will make a complete lap , the how successfully the car avoid the obstacles, the exterior design of the car and how innovative is the solution used. the winner will get a price of 1000 RO with is around (2597.47 US Dollars). My friends [Taha al Saadi , Ahmed Al Abusiadi  and I ] participated in the competition with hopefully the winning car.  as soon as we finish the car I will post all the details and what are technologies we’ve used on the car. But I’ll let you to have a sneak peek at the first prototype. And I hope at the end you will see some thing different.